How to manage trap by a poller


This feature is only avalaible since FAN 2.3. First you have already configure a distributed architecture (fan-poller, fan-central and fan-database).

With Centreon 2.3.X, we can translate mibs from the fan-central and generate the SNMPTT configuration for 1 or several fan-poller.

1) From Centreon, we will generate snmptt configuration (used by snmptrapd daemon). Centcore send files configuration by scp

2) Equipements are configured to send SNMP traps to FAN poller

3) centTrapHandlerForPoller-2.x plugin is invoked when a trap is understood by Snmptrapd

4) centTrapHandlerForPoller-2.x retrieve information Service and Host in FAN database

5) centTrapHandlerForPoller-2.x send external command to Nagios


Translate MIB

For Snmptrapd understand the snmp trap, you must translate the MIB. On fan-central, Go to Configuration > Services >MIBs

  • Choose a Vendor Name
  • Load MIB File


Generate SNMP Traps

On fan-central, Go to Configuration > Nagios > SNMP Traps

Choose a poller where configuration will be sended and click Generate

Create a Service

Go to Configuration > Services > Add


  • Check “Active Checks Enabled” NO
  • Check Passive Checks Enabled YES
  • Check Notification Enabled YES
  • Choose your Contacts or Contact Group

In Relation Tab :


  • Linked with Hosts : choose a host who is monitored by a poller
  • Service Trap Relation, choose a Manufacture and SNMP Trap

More infos

  • #1 written by matrix4422
    about 7 years ago

    There is 2 fan-poller in the introduction instead of fan-database.

  • #2 written by lkco
    about 7 years ago

    fixed ! thanks matrix4422

  • #3 written by matrix4422
    about 7 years ago

    Et la date de la version 2.3-x86_64 est 2012-03-96 au lieu de 2012-03-06 ;)

  • #4 written by Pascal
    about 7 years ago

    Une erreur c’est glissée dans la partie creation du service :
    au lieu de “Check Passive Checks Enabled NO” il faut le mettre à YES.

  • #5 written by lkco
    about 7 years ago

    Fixed ! Thanks for your feedback Pascal :-)

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