How to contribute to FAN ?

Every one is welcome for helping the FAN project. You can contribute by many ways to FAN, you doesn’t need special competences : just the wish to participate to the upgrade of FAN.

  • Install and use FAN : This seems evident but using and installing FAN is an important contribution for FAN developers.
  • Submit features : So we can’t integrate all the propositions, just the propositions which give the most benefit to all will be integrated.
  • Participate to the documentation : FAN needs documentation. Installation, using, tips…
  • Public Mirrors : If you are interested in becoming a public FAN mirror. Send your request to contact_at_fullyautomatednagios_d0t_org
  • You can join the team of developers FAN. Register you on and ask to join our project by describing your motivations.
  • FAN Ideas : submit or vote for you favorite ideas on


Support the team and the developing structure of FAN

FAN is not a commercial project. Its development is ensured by volunteer who work on their free time

You can also improve developements conditions of FAN by making financials or material donations (build servers for examples)

Contact : contact_at_fullyautomatednagios_d0t_org