Hi Guys !

The FAN team is proud to announce the new stable version : FAN 2.3

As always, you can download FAN 2.3 iso here : http://www.fullyautomatednagios.org/wordpress/download/

FAN supports the x86 32 bit and 64 bit architectures

What’s up in this version ?

  • Centreon 2.3.3
  • Nagvis 1.6.3
  • Add new feature : Manage sntmp trap by a poller, see more info
  • Upgrade Centos 5.7
  • Update fan-backup addon : fan-backup is now compatible with distributed monitoring !

About FAN ?

You may have noticed, the FAN website is no longer hosted by SourceForge. It”s now hosted on a server Online.net and has its own domain name fullyautomatednagios.org. With this change, there will be more slowly on the website

Important links :

Big thanks Charles_JUDITH, kult, dadu, cedrik who contributed to this version

Feel free to report any bugs you find on our tracker : http://tracker.fullyautomatednagios.org